Photo Credit: Laura Reaux // Reaux Photo

Photo Credit: Laura Reaux // Reaux Photo

Born in AK, Raised in SoCal, Live in PDX.  (West Coast, represent!)

I spend a large portion of my time hanging out in my backyard with my chickens.

I'm addicted to gardening.

I think sunshine is over-rated, so I moved to Portland.  I miss the ocean, bougainvillea, and jacaranda trees, but not enough to move back.

I drink way more coffee than I probably should.

I spend as much time as possible outdoors, preferably in the Gorge.

I own more houseplants than I do shoes.  

I get really excited about good light.  (Like, REALLY excited.)

I laugh loud, and big, and full of gusto.

I live with my husband & my dog in the country.